Pastured Pig Shares

This is our third year raising pigs and we love it!  They live a happy life on our farm, they get fresh pasture to root up and run around on every couple weeks, they eat all our Certified Organic veggie scraps and Certified Organic feed (no GMO’s or suspect restaurant or grocery store scraps) and they grow up to be happy healthy vigorous pigs. We are more than happy to raise another 15 pigs this season.

Our pigs are Pasture Raised, they only eat Certified organic feed and Certified organic veggie scraps. They are pastured in the true sense, meaning that they always have access to fresh pasture and have lots of room to run around. This year our pigs will be butchered at Kam Lake in Kamloops, a small family run slaughter safe certified facility.  They are also Certified Organic and also have animal husbandry certifications.  You will be able to choose what cuts your share is made into including nitrate-free curing options.

This year we will be raising Berkshire crossed with Old Spot pigs.  They are both heritage breeds that are known for their juiciness, flavour and tenderness. They are also heavily marbled which creates juicy moisture retention during cooking and they have greater fat thickness which results is more bacon.

What is a Pig Share?

$7.25/lb hang weight, hang weight is the weight of the slaughtered pig after it has been gutted.  We are estimating about 80lbs hang weight per half pig which (~$580)

Custom Cuts

Pork will be professionally cut and wrapped by a Certified Organic small butcher shop in Cherry Creek called Kam Lake Butcher Shop.  You will be able to custom order all your cuts.  They even offer nitrate-free curing!  Cut and wrap is included in the $7.25/lb price but sausage, slicing, and smoking will cost extra as per butcher’s prices.


We will deliver your share to your house in the first weeks of November.
$250 deposit/half share due upon order to reserve your pig.  The remainder of the payment will be due upon receipt of you pig share in November.

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