The Big Picture

We are passionate about growing great food and doing it in harmony with the natural world around us. We are Certified Organic, which means we don’t use any chemicals whatsoever, we use no GMO’s and we keep detailed records of all of our inputs and practices. We are inspected on a regular basis by a certifying body and we believe anyone calling themselves organic should get certified. To keep our soil healthy and fertile we use cover crops, crop rotation and composted animal manure as well as rotational animal grazing. We keep pests at bay by planting a broad diversity of plants in accordance to a strict crop rotation as well as catch crops and companion planting. We also use row cover to keep insects off tender plants and we use organic natural repellants when they are effective.

We know that farming this way keeps the soil healthy and productive so we can keep growing on our land for generations to come, but we also know that our farming practices are good for our ecosystem, and we see a lot of natural diversity right on our farm. We see bees buzzing around all season, birds make nests and lay eggs right in our crop rows, and we regularly see frogs and snakes in our fields. Because we don’t use chemical fertilizers or chemical herbicides and pesticides we are not polluting the watershed or local rivers and creek. We have our Salmon Safe Certification because of this. We value the local watershed as it is our source of irrigation and drinking water, so we take good care of it. Our irrigation pulls from the immense aquifer situated underneath the Pemberton Meadows so our irrigation practices make a infite loop–we pull water from the ground, put it back on the surface, the plants take what they need and the rest filters back into the aquifer.

Meet The Farmers

Ice Cap Organics | Certified Organic Farm | Pemberton BC

Alisha Zayac


Alisha was born and raised in Vancouver but spent a lot of time at her family's rustic cabin in Rock Creek with no running water and electricity. She treeplanted and ran treeplanting crews in her 20's for 9 years while travelling and going to University in the off season. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Agroecology from UBC. After meeting Delaney treeplanting they formulated their ideal life together which they started in Pemberton BC in 2008. Alisha was lucky to work for the Helmer's Farm her first summer in Pemberton. She learned various skills and made many important connections through them. Alisha has been a director on the Pemberton Farmer's Institute and a member of the Agriculture Advisory Committee since 2009 and has tried to be involved in Agricultural community in Pemberton as much as possible. Since starting a family in 2010, she has put the AAC aside until she is able to find more time. For now, raising future farmers and growing healthy sustainable food for her community has been more than fulfilling. Other than farming, and being a mother and wife, Alisha loves trail running, skiing, yoga, cooking, and books.

Ice Cap Organics | Certified Organic Farm | Pemberton BC

Ira Zayac

Farmhand, Aspiring Ninja

Ira is 7 and he loves projects, skiing, mountain biking, playing in the dirt and lego's the most. His favorite job on the farm is harvesting cherry tomatoes and carrots. When he is older he aspires to be a ninja.

Ice Cap Organics | Certified Organic Farm | Pemberton BC

Delaney Zayac


Delaney's parents loved to garden and earned a living from farming for a good part Delaney's upbringing. Farming was in his blood, but not vegetable farming exactly. After spending over a decade planting trees and managing planting crews and planting camps he decided he needed to grow some roots in a community and settle down a bit. During his twenties and some of his thirties Delaney also got a degree at UBC in English and became passionately obsessed with skiing and mountaineering and capturing his adventures in photographs. Having spent many years exploring and skiing the mountains around Pemberton, and seeing the lush fertility of the Pemberton Meadows soil, the warm summers and the proximity to the hungry market of Vancouver, Delaney decided to make Pemberton his long term home. Delaney has always wanted to find a career that allows him to play in the mountains, but his career also has to give him a meaningful connection to his community and he needs to feel like he is having a positive impact. Through growing healthy food in harmony with the natural world Delaney has found his path.

Ice Cap Organics | Certified Organic Farm | Pemberton BC

Annika Zayac

Hen Manager

Annika is 5 and she loves interacting with people, she is very social and bright. She loves biking, her cats, and playing in the dirt. Her favorite book is “Olivia Owl”. Annika's favourite job on the farm is working with the laying hens. When Annika is older she aspires to be a hard worker.