Full Time On-Farm Apprenticeship Positions Full For 2016!

Apply for the 2017 Growing Season in December.

  • Apprenticeship runs from May until November
  • You will learn all aspect of running an organic vegetable farm, such as planting, weeding, harvesting, processing, harvest box assembly, farmer’s markets, irrigation, and the list goes on.
  • You will have the freedom to do an on-farm directed study if that interests you
  • We will help you and give you advice on your own farm business plan
  • Accommodations include a cabin or trailer, internet, hot shower, outdoor kitchen and bathroom. All cooking is done on your own but we provide staples and vegetables and eggs when they are in abundance.
  • We offer a generous stipend on a sliding scale depending on experience.
  • We are a fast paced farm and expect applicants to be hard working, efficient, positive, and motivated individuals who are looking for experience before starting their own farmer

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How do you think you will feel living with different people in a new and unknown rural environment?

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You can also send these in a separate email to icecaporganics@gmail.com.